Portada flecos plisados

Discover the trends of this 2020. Pleats, textures and bangs to be the perfect guest this new season. At INVITADISIMA we help you to be the perfect guest.

At INVITADISIMA we continue to guide you with the latest trends for 2020. Everything for you to go avant-garde and safe to your next event. This time we have to comment on the pleats, bangs and textures which will be a mandatory design in your closet next year.

As we know this season, textures are coming in strong. Pleated fabrics, with ruffles and bangs that will fill the garments of the guests in all kinds of events. Special mention must be made of pleated fabrics. This is a design whose use dates back to the beginnings of antiquity. Greeks and Egyptians decided to use pleats in their garments associating this type of products to royalty. The handmade and laborious work to create pleated garments made them exclusive products that projected power and wealth.

Garments that have textures such as pleats, are the most flattering. They have the incredible ability to stylize the female figure at its best. In addition, a good combination of colors in pleated dresses or pleated skirts, for example, thus increasing the realism in its 3D style.

Bangs are another of the textures that bring fun to all kinds of garments. Bangs will adorn skirts and sleeves as well as dresses. They bring liveliness, movement and joy. Perfect for your look to have a more original note, catching the eyes of all the guests at the party or the next event in which you are invited.

Here is a list of the best INVITADISIMA products with bangs and pleats. Always thinking your best guest look to dazzle in your next event.

vestido fiesta largo tirantes rosa estampado floral%20(1)

Long pleated pink floral party dress – Zibi London

This Zibi London dress is perfect to illustrate the above. With a skirt that combines pleats and print making this a perfect spring dress.

vestido de coctel magenta asimetrico con detalle plisado blanco
Asymmetrical magenta cocktail dress with white pleated detail – Meryfor

We can’t forget that pleating can appear anywhere on the garment… Even on the shoulders! And how well the design of this Meryfor dress looks. A perfect product as a dress for a spring wedding or a dress for mothers of communion.

vestido de fiesta largo con escote barco y falda estampada

Long party dress with boat neckline and printed skirt – Nuribel

Continuing with the pleats, we find this printed pleated skirt from the new collection of Nuribel. Demonstrating perfectly that the good combination of colors in a skirt along with the pleated design increases the 3D realism of the garment. Bringing, thus, originality.

vestido midi con estampado de diseno y falda de pliegues

Midi dress with patterned print and pleated skirt – Nuribel

Another perfect garment as a summer wedding dress or for slightly less formal events such as parties, graduations or christenings. Like the first item on the list, the dress features a combination of pleated skirt and a plain top. All this with the joy and vitality given by the yellow and black print on a white background.

vestido de coctel plata con tirantes y adorno de flecos

Silver cocktail dress with straps and fringe trim – Amelia Rose

Finally we get to the bangs! On this occasion, the bangs on the bottom of Amelia Rose’s dress make this garment ‘dance’ along with the guest who wears it. Moving back and forth, the bangs convey joy and happiness.

Tunic midi dress with red bangs – Azohía – Hinsomnia

If the previous dress had shy bangs at the bottom, let alone this Hinsomnia dress! The bangs are made from the bottom of the dress to the left sleeve, you will not leave anyone indifferent with this dress!


Fitted cocktail dress with bangs on the sleeves – Cayro

Bangs not only transmit joy and liveliness, they are much more. In this Cayro cocktail dress we can see that bangs are also elegance and nobility. Perfect for a formal event such as a spring wedding or a cocktail party.


Short red plumeti party dress – Lauren Lynn London

We finish presenting this dress to break a spear in favor of textures. How well they look! Its short gathered skirt makes this dress a unique and original piece to wear to your next event.

At INVITADISIMA we continue to present you the latest trends of this year so that all your wedding dresses in 2020, or any event, are perfect for you.