You were asking for it, a brand of handbags perfect for guests on our website INVITADISIMA. It was the essential piece we were missing to complete your perfect guest look, and here it is: Angela Valentine Handbags. Do you want to know more about this wonderful brand? Here we go!

Designer Angela Olson creates an exceptional collection of clutches and handbags. That both vibrant and dark colors are incredible and recognized participants in all the events they attend. From weddings to galas and parties, and we want you as a guest to show them off as an element of your guest outfit of 10!

Each Angela Valentine bag is crafted one by one with high and exclusive quality smooth drum leather. They get the colors you won’t find anywhere else to accentuate the innovative designs she brings out in each of her collections. And you’ll probably be the envy of the party, they’re a wonder ALL! right?

Each piece is finished with premium quality material and exceptional details, this unique and exclusive Angela Valentine collection offers elegant silhouettes for a lifetime. A brand of handbags that you will love and that will be your perfect closet staple for coffee hour with friends, a formal event whether it’s a wedding or a christening and even a gift for your best friend. We love them!

We leave you some examples that we already have on our website, but stay tuned guest, very soon we will have many more on the web:

Aureole brown color bracelet bag

Aureole wristlet bag in green color

Mini black leather bag with bumblebees

If you like Angela Valentine Handbags bags as much as our team of INVITADISIMA stylists, stay tuned to the next posts because we will show you how to combine these wonderful pieces with our garments to create a 10 guest look. Write to us for any questions you have when the date of your event is approaching, we will be happy to hear from you!