As every year, the best hairdressers, designers and stylists (like ours) anticipate what will be the trends in this sector and are there to solve your doubts. We know it’s the sales season but we’re going to take you away from that topic for a moment and bring you the hairstyles that will triumph this 2019 for your next event. Stay tuned!

This year is promising and the fashionistas have shown it to us through hairstyles that you thought you were going to wear at home on a Sunday, but you’re wrong. The ”lazy” hairstyles are the ones you are going to wear to your best friend’s wedding or your partner’s co-worker.

What would have become the ”everyday bun” has become a trend for celebrities. We bring you not only the chignon, but also romantic braided hairstyles and the ”wet” effect that is repeated year after year with a reinvention, we are sure they will be your first tutorial research this year.

The first and for us the most elegant hairstyle is the bow bun. Very simple and quick to do.

moño bajo para invitadas

Mujer Hoy

This next one reminds us of a Chanel fashion show where they incorporated butterflies in the models’ braids. A hairstyle with a lot of personality and adding the intertwined elements that you like and combine with your guest look.
trenza con cuero entrelazado peinados


The Italian chignon with a more fun touch finished with a braid. It is a must for those guests who want to show off their illuminated face and cleavage. Start with the braid and twist the last few strands into a bun – it’s not that hard!

moño con trenza para invitadas peinados

Jean Louis David 

Finally and the one that never fails is the wet effect in a ponytail. You can go for the more formal updo or the slicked back hairstyle. We love both, but for a wedding, we recommend the updo, you never know if loose will play a trick on you and start to separate the strands.

coleta baja mojada para invitadas


We hope we have opened the range of possibilities to succeed with your guest hairstyle. They are very simple and you can apply them not only in an event but also in your day to day life. If you need help with any of these hairstyles or do not know which neckline is best for each hairstyle, do not hesitate to contact our team of stylists INVITADISIMA.

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